Things You Should Know

IMG_8515Things to know when getting your child’s face painted:
1. Products used should be gentle, fragrance free, non-toxic and approved by the FDA.
2. Children under 3 can have a reaction to the face paint.
3. Face Painters should not paint anyone’s face that appear to be ill, have open wounds, colds or severe acne which may irritate the skin further.
4. Most paints can be easily washed off with soap and water.
5. Some darker colors may leave a slight stain but can be removed with either; olive oil, coconut oil or other similar oil.
6. Face paint may stain clothes.
7. Face painters area should be reasonably neat. It can be difficult for some painters on a very busy day to stay organized but the area overall should be clean and sanitary.
8. Glitter Tattoos are a popular thing to get, especially in the summer. They follow many of the same rules above. A good glitter tattoo should be done with professional grade products on the skin.

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